Friday, September 2, 2011

To arms!—The Best Tower Defense Games

A tower defense game is an excellent source of addictive fun. And in iTunes you have so many towers, princesses, castles, farms, houses, beds, and a magic portal or two to defend that it is difficult to choose one. And if you’re like me, you want a quality tower defense game that is challenging and is pumped up with enough game play to be worth your bucks. Here I have my pick of the best tower defense games that are worth your time. You’ll get hooked on these TDs—don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Plants vs. Zombies, $2.99

Yes, we are talking plants shooting deadly peas and mushrooms going kaboom! The game play of plants vs. zombies is very easy. You have a house, you have your friend craaazzyyy Dave…and you have zombies—Zhey want to eatz your brainz. What do you have for your defense? Plants. Sounds lame, but really, it’s not. 

It is such an inventive game with great back stories for the zombies and plants.  You can buy upgrades from crazy Dave for more fun zombie carnage. There is unlimited game play in the endless mode while the mini games in and out of the game story keep the PvZ fresh and fun. If you can get past the slight cuteness of the zombies and plants, you’re going to love this game!

The Creeps, $0.99
The Creeps 

You are equipped with glue bottles, boomerangs, toy guns (blasters), light torches, and paper shurikens, among other things. Your task? Simple.  Defend yourself (and your bed) from the creeps that go bump in the night. Like other tower defense games you can upgrade your towers, and strategically place them on your map. When you are in a tight spot or you’ve made a mistake, you can always sell your tower, or start shooting the landscape rocks, trees, etc.

You have the classic survival mode, which has a set no. of waves, the endurance mode which is the same as the endless mode of Plants VS. Zombies, and the unique door buster mode in which you don’t just have to defend your bed, you have to destroy the door where the creatures emerge from. This game has me at the first bandaged mummy. This is classic tower defense at its best!

Defender Chronicles, $0.99
 Defender Chronicles 

A wonderful and to no surprise addicting tower defense game, Defender Chronicles merges tower defense with RPG game play. At the start you are a sword wielding general (male), and later in the game you can unlock the elf mage (female). You can buy your character armors, weapons and enchantments. There are so many items you can buy to make your character stronger (You use in-game currency); my brother and I ended up competing on who has the best stuffs.

You’ll be defending your castle and your land from goblins, werewolves, Imps, and medieval bad guys. This game is so much fun and gives new meaning to the word HORDES. The only con of this game is that there is a pre-set spot where you can position your archers, swordsmen, and mages. A few spots at that—but that is what makes this game oh so challenging. And you’ve got to like the absence of cuteness in this TD.

Guns n glory, $0.99, FREE
Guns' n' Glory
Moveable towers, er men. That is guns and glory in a nutshell. You are not the good guy in this Wild West-set TD. You are a badass bandit and you and your crew of misfits are after the pockets of the pioneers who dare pass in your territory. Unlike other tower defense games with immovable towers, Guns n Glory lets you control your men, making them walk to better spots and get power ups. 

And yes, you can upgrade your men. No, you can’t have endless play here. Unless the developers put it in as part of the game play. Now I can finally say it is fun to play the bad guy—Well, at least in a game. Mine is free, and I can play the full game+advertisements.

Currently playing...FIELD RUNNERS. 

Is it any good? Let me know what you thing in the comment below. 

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