Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Library at Your Finger Tips: E-book Apps

If you're like me, you want free books. Or at the very least a virtual shelf-full of one that isn't expensive. Here are a few download-worthy E-books you can fit in your iPad.

Classics2Go, FREE, $0.99
Classics2Go Collection

Not to be confused with another Classics to go app (they have different developers), this one has 60 classic books right at your fingertips. I love the antique parchment effect of the books. And like any other e-book apps, this one can bookmark your books as well. It is the first e-book app I have downloaded. If you're a classics kind of person, this one is just perfect for you.

It comes in different languages but you have to buy the apps separately. The one I have is free, but you can buy the app as well. Unlike some e-book apps, this one doesn't have its built-in settings for font size or brightness control.

Some books in the app: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland [Illustrated], Christmas Carol [Illustrated], Gulliver's Travels, Romeo and Juliet, Treasure Island, Wuthering Heights, etc.

Sherlock Holmes Collection (Classique)

From the same developer as Classics2Go comes the Sherlock Holmes Collection. I love mystery novels and the character, Sherlock Holmes, just draws you in. I enjoy the Sherlock Holmes stories so much that I just had to get the entire 8 books.For free.Well, you can get the paid version as well, and the HD version for iPad for a little bit more moolah. I didn't. It is a universal app, so I didn't get the HD one for iPad.

It has the same antique parchment treatment as the Classics2Go, same pros and cons as well. But I love it, I wouldn't trade it for crisp white e-books.

Books in the app: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Adventure of Wisteria Lodge and Other Stories, Hound of Baskervilles, Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Return of Sherlock Holmes, Sign of the Four, Study in Scarlet, Valley of Fear

History Classics, $3.99
History Classics

It is just what it is called. History. Classics. You'll find 41 books that are either set in historical settings or are stories that based on events in history.  Like Classics2Go this one also has a nice sepia parchment tone for the pages and bookmarks. But this app kicked it up a notch by providing settings that lets you change the fonts type, size, and text color. It even allows you to modify text alignment, line spacing, and margin width. And it has night reading mode.

I don't know if there are free versions but the one I got is the paid one and I initially had it for my iPhone. I think the books would be an interesting read. Haven't gotten around to reading anything yet though. But I am impressed and happy with the e-book style and for sure I'll get around to sitting down and reading some. 

Some books in the app: The Three Musketeers, War and Peace, Les Misérables, A Tale of Two Cities, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Last of the Mohicans, etc.

Classic Novels, $0.99
Classic Novels

 A collection of 101 classic books. It's from the same developer as History Classics and thus the settings are the same. They have an impressive collection that are not available in the Classics2Go. I really didn't have to download another classic e-book (and pay for it too, $0.99), but I wanted more than 60 classic books. 

I have classic books in a bookshelf in my room and am currently re-reading Moby Dick. Now that I have an iPad and this classics app, I don't have to take the paperback with me anywhere.

Nothing is better than the classics. They are always such amazing reads.

Some books in the app: Little Women, Persuasion, Wuthering Heights, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Robinson Crusoe, Great Expectations, A Room with a View, The House of the Seven Gables, etc.

Kindle and iBooks would make this post extremely long, so I intend to post a a different one for each. Kindle I can post soon because that is pretty much what I use now. iBooks a little later down the road, after I've tried getting books on it.

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